Hate is

It seems to me that hate is a topic not addressed by many people. In fact, it is recommended to be avoided. But the truth is hate bubbles up for most of us when we feel attacked. Our minds fester in thoughts of revenge or in dances of an offense to be taken. Hate begins in us with self-preservation. It becomes an attribute of ours and then we become someone to avoid.

Hate can happen in a flash or gradually grow over time. It doesn’t need a valid reason just a bit of fear, a little threat, a moment of disgust, or a personal insult. Hate like worms festering from the heart eats away at the whole body. It spreads and bonds like lovers in a plague that are cheating on their spouse until their offspring is in full bloom. A little hate like a little sugar makes the whole drink sweet and many people are drinking up.

Hate that which is evil- but that hate can turn you into the evil itself. Pitiless, malcontent, a beacon of hope for destruction, a lightning rod for others to aim for, a snake looking to squeeze the life out of a dancing fawn. Hate which lives in you becomes what you value at the highest because it consumes your mind like pornography to the adolescent mind.

To hate that which is evil should repeal you from such deeds. But the violence and meanness of humanity are waiting for an excuse to dominate and destroy. The hate that lives in the hearts of humanity is spread through emotion and then our dearest enemy sin comes in and like the logical snake convinces us to partake; the first bite is pleasant and leads to knowledge, like learning a lie and believing it’s facts, we share this fruit and call it life. As the serpent slithers and sways our mind is coiled and every branch of thought given over; hate breeds hate without needing a lover. Crush a lime in your hand, oh, the smell, the juice, the waste, the dysmorphia of what love is and what good is and what compassion is and what being a loving human being is comes to an end if hate becomes the narrative of every conversation if that is all you can bond over.

But someone is going to hate you.

If you choose to be yourself.

If you choose to speak your mind.

If you choose to walk away.

If you choose to become better.

If you oppose their way of life.

If you do not follow suit with all those around them.

If you refuse to enter their baited traps.

If you refuse to become one of them.

If you are small.

If you are weak.

If you cannot help yourself.

If you have a reason for your sorry condition.

If you cannot run.

If you limp.

If you stand up even with crutches.

If you grin.

If you point out their sin.

If you point out hypocrisy.

If you say fuck off to decency.


People will hate- that is no excuse to join them.


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