You Learn Who You Are If You Are Willing To Fail

The world loves to hate you.

Pick a religion, pick an institute, pick an industry to work in, and if you look at the mass of it they unintentional conspire to kill you. They want you to be like everyone else. THEY, the unknown mass of humanity that needs conformity to run like a clock. THEY, the mass of humanity that needs your ambition to be low so they can have a convenient trip to the grocery store, so they can get fast food, so they can live a relatively comfortable life without having to do it all. THEY need you to quit wanting more and settle for less than less. THEY need you to consume more and save less. They need you to vote like them. They need you to care less about things that matter and what they are doing that are causing harm to humanity. They believe that you have no voice and really never should, because to them even if you meet their standards you are less than and need them to guide you.


You can put your life in the hands of others and let their opinions dictate where you go, or you can be a loser.

Fucking be a loser.

There is a phrase fail-forward. This simple saying helps you overcome the pain of failure and helps you realize you are getting closer to your goal just by doing something. What this phrase lacks is the reality of you being considered a loser. The world as we know it wants you to succeed at being mediocre. It wants you to fit in. It wants you to live at its standards so it can function. But you are an artist, the more you try the more you will stand out. The more you fail, the more you have to become yourself.

Failing to be what the world would have you be or do put you in the crosshairs of opinions. You can subjugate yourself to it or be free. You are the captain of your ship. It is your life, you get to take the reigns, you get to move your life in uncharted waters. But failing over and over again will make you more of who you are. Trying over and over again will add resilience to your internal narrative. Failing isn’t the end of the world it is the removal of false realities. You will not hit the target others had set for you, because that isn’t where you are aiming.

Embrace failure as a chance to meet who you are when things go wrong. If you don’t like how you handle it, do it again; you probably missed the lesson. Most goals people set are not the goals they really want to achieve, it doesn’t actually fit the life they want to have. But they get convinced that, that is what winning looks like in life.

A quick thought:

You might be tall and fat, short and ugly, beautiful and mean; and you will still have to endure a life like everyone else. You are limited not by your shortcomings but by your shortsightedness. Our physical beings are only part of who we are and what we can do. If you are a caring and loving person on the inside-that shit is going to shine. The people around you will want you to win. If you are a piece of shit, they want to see you get what you deserve.


Nobody is going to do the work of being you for you. The satisfaction of doing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay is great, not many people are satisfied with it, but it is great. If you want to enjoy your life simplicity is going to be the key. Enjoy the work before you, pursue the things you want to do, enjoy the people around you, and expect nothing but good fortune no matter the circumstance. (Expect good things in life, even in the hard times, just expect it and realize sometimes the best things happen in the dark.) Being yourself isn’t easy. The world was made to have you go along to get along. It is up to you to embrace failure as a dip in the road to becoming who you are and knowing that in the hard times you don’t have to conform.

I guess what I am trying to say is the world has systems it needs to fill to work. Artists have desires to create and that doesn’t fit the mold. Failing to be what the world wants us to be, frees us to be who we are born to be.

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