What Do You Do?

There is something in us that compels us to take action on our interests. You pick up a book and start to read. Before you know it you are a few pages in and time has passed by. The subject of the book took you somewhere else. Your mind left its situation and endeavored into another. When we have genuine interests this is what happens to our lives. We move at our own pace, but we move. Our skill, ability, and knowledge of a subject pulls us in deeper. We become an unplanned expert at doing what we love. In short, we grow.

What do you do?
  • What stupid thing do you do that you enjoy?
  • What interests you to learn more?
  • What gets you excited?
  • What makes you smile?
  • What do you suck at but like doing anyway?
  • What do you like to read about?
  • What brings you happiness in the moment?
  • What do you see others doing that you would like to try?
  • What would you like to do that would get you moving?
  • What would you like to spend time thinking about?
  • What makes you wonder?
What you don’t do

What you do is part of who you are. It is part of the compelling reasons to be alive and active. The wealth in living is not measured by how much money we have. But by the choices we can make. The reality of having choices is we also get to choose what we do not have to do. The more we choose to pursue our dreams the more we cut out other possibilities. It is up to you to choose the most compelling path in front of you. When we cut off possibilities we expand opportunities. The reason is simple, opportunities are for those who are skilled and ready. By pursuing what pulls you, you develop the skills and abilities that others may need or pay for. Doing this creates more opportunities.

For love or money

You are going to die. That is always where we must start. The end of your life. You will be forgotten. People will mourn you and eventually they will die too. Your life on this earth will be measured by the collective at the moment you occupy. We are in this together. The art and lives we choose to make will speak for us generations from now. But that is irrelevant to the truth of your life right now. Living to impress kids even generations from now isn’t the point of life. With that being said let’s talk money.

Money is the energy flow of life in a society and how we get others to do work for us and with us. It is what frees the artist to pursue art. It is what gets food to the store. It is what makes people spend their precious time here on the planet doing what they hate so they can have a little time doing what they want. Money and work are peas in a pod. Money and your life’s work might be a one-way street. Money is what you work for to support your life’s work. But on the other hand, your life’s work could support you. It could not only be a driving force in your life but the thing that sustains it too.

Our time on earth is short. It is really short if you do what you love. The tricky thing about life is that our best times, our happiest times, our most enjoyable times go by fast. A day is but an hour, and a week is a day. But in that time you have lived so fully that you have more memories and have accomplished so much that the time felt well used. To contrast, a moment of boredom is an eternity, a day doing work you are ambivalent about takes forever. You do not have to be miserable in doing work you don’t care about for you to feel like you are wasting your life. Money isn’t the measure of our life; it is a tool to live our lives as freely as possible. That is why what we do to get it matters just as much as how we spend it.

If you can do what you enjoy and make a living at it all the better. If you cannot, then do not waste your money or your time. Use what you have to make the most of it. Use what you have to engage in what you want to do.

Just Do IT

I am a believer in the internal fire. I believe if you truly want something you will feel driven to go after it. But I also believe to get to that point most of us have to overcome our insecurities and misconceptions of what it takes to do what we love. To do what we love, to do what you love most of the time just requires action. It requires the small steps of action. It requires patience and practice, it requires failure, a lot of failures, because here is the thing, in the end doing what you enjoy is a great way to live.


You are reading this for two reasons. The first is I was compelled to write. The second, you needed to read it. Life is short, figure out the things you want to spend time doing and do them.


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