The Hydra of Ambition

You don’t have to be just one thing.

The Truth

We all have multiple interests, hobbies, and titles in our lives. The truth is there aren’t many ambitious people in the world. So if you are like me and you want to make something of your self you are told to focus on one thing. Become the expert at that thing and success is yours for the taking. Because there are so few ambitious people in the world I believe that to be true. Most people get a job and avoid becoming the boss. They avoid responsibility. They have dreams of something better, but they don’t consider that as a real option. Most people just go to work.

But not us. Nope. We might have a day job that gets us by, but deep down we want more out of our lives. Want it all. We want to play with other creative people and get paid for it. We want to dance in our imagination and pour out worlds on paper. We want others to join us in our imaginary world full of danger and romance. We want to laugh, build, and create. We want to explore what being human means.

We also want to lead, we want to influence, we want to see the world become a better place; we want the horrors relegated to fiction. We want to creatively solve problems and seek out new ones that will challenge what we think. We want more than money, we want to live.

What Focus

So, this is what I struggle with: I struggle with an ego that says I am the solution to all the problems I see in the world. I struggle with the notion that I could_______.  Seeing problems and thinking about their solutions distracts me from any kind of focus.

I am not simple enough to only do one thing.

Most of my art time goes to figure drawing lately. Most of my reading time is spent on how to write. All of my wasted time is spent on social media being a consumer. I listen to three to five books a week. I try not to be consumed by the negative political black hole that is the world we live in. And I try to maintain an ever-changing workout routine. I miss writing this blog in the mornings. Living without proper direction diffuses efforts to any real progress.

So, I have been trying to get my shit together.

Master or Slave

I abhor routine. I hate it like the zookeeper it is. There is no deviance, there is no variety, there is no adventure; there is the grind. That is how I honestly feel about life routines. I need to change my mind about them and I will. This kind of thinking is what makes me break routine. It is what keeps me from moving forward. The reality that stood out to me yesterday was, consistent well thought out actions done daily are my only hope to do the things I want to do. Looking at my life and day I see how easy I fall into a routine of wasting time. How easy it is to be a slave to comfort and entertainment. But to be master of my time I need to set aside those things, not because they are evil or a waste, but because they aren’t serving me I am serving them.

So, it is up to me to set myself free. It is up to me to take the helm of my focus and direct it on creative endeavors. It is up to me to master myself in all contexts to achieve what I set out to do, which is simple, live a life I enjoy at all times; struggles included.

The Game

If you choose you can see life as a game. Opportunities to grow, get better, try, and try again. Each obstacle an opportunity to test your resolve and creativity. Every new opportunity as a side adventure. Hard work as a short cut to growth. And dead ends in life as a good time to restart.

I personally feel like I am supposed to do this. To write something to help others. To grow, to think and help others think, to influence the world in a positive way, one reader at a time. For me right now, that is the game I am in.

Time To Work

So, it is time to get shit done. We have one life. I would love to spend more of it writing, thinking, creating art, reading, and meeting people who make the world go around. Here is the thing, if you are surrounded by people who don’t share your ambitions or dreams they cannot see your possibility. Do not spend any time convincing them of your reality, just press on and build your dream from the seed it is. If you fail in the attempt, try again, and then again, and then again, and along the way grow. Learn from the mistakes, assume you can do it better and you will do it better next time. Let go of perfect and focus on progress.

If you have to hold down a day job embrace it and use it to grow to. It is a means to an end. And if you get caught up in the job and enjoy it, embrace it and grow. Don’t get caught up in who you should be while you are becoming who you are.

Gotta go.

Later Gator.

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