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Before the workout

This morning I woke up and did what I normally do; I turned off my alarm and took a pee. My alarm goes off at 4 am. After the pee, I strip down to my undies and weigh in. After that I get my clothes on and make some coffee.

For over a year I have done this. My wife bought me a scale that measures body fat and muscle percentages, so every morning I record it on an excel sheet. At the end of each week I have an average and at the end of each month I take pictures and measure.

Why do I do this? Well, I turned twenty-five, was eating a lot of fast food, Chinese take out, drinking a lot of soda and besides work not doing anything to improve my health. In short, I got fat. I was the guy weighing 125 lbs and eating what-ever I wanted to and slowly became the fat guy weighing 195 lbs eating what-ever I wanted to. My driver’s license picture looks like a fat Elvis, sad. I didn’t try to say I wasn’t fat, but I wasn’t willing to buy large shirts. SMH. To say it was a struggle to lose weight is an understatement. I didn’t try diets or anything too crazy, maybe some non-effective diet pills. But the easy way isn’t always the way we want to take. I would work out, run, and quit. I would just stop and then a few weeks later start again. It sucked.

Being fat sucks. I am not trying to shame anyone, I just know from my personal experience. I hated it, I hated bending down to tie my shoe and not being able to breathe because my stomach pressed on my lungs. I hated pictures of me. Every time I looked in the mirror or looked at a picture I knew that wasn’t what I was supposed to look like. It wasn’t my real face. Being fat is easy when you are a guy. If your body is remotely proportionate people will tell you, “you look good” or “you are strong” being big isn’t a problem for men in our society. Anyway, I could see all the flaws. My stomach hung over my belt.

Post 10 min run on an incline treadmill

What changed everything for me was diet.

I have a special needs daughter, she has epilepsy. The Keto diet is something they recommend for it. So, after years of putting it off my wife and I decided to go for it. If she was going to be on it we would do it too. My wife (Brooke) and I have five children, the middle child is our special little girl, Betty. So, the three of us would go Keto. Betty was on a medication that made her gain weight and there wasn’t much we could do to help her lose it, even after she had stopped taking it.

On the diet, Brooke and Betty lost 30 lbs each. We were on the diet for nine months. Brooke is amazing at everything and the meals we ate still make my mouth water. Anyway, Brooke and Betty didn’t do anything but changed their diet. It was great to watch them lose weight. Brooke had the science down and the nutritionist gave her kudos and recommended some supplements.

But here is the thing, it didn’t help with the seizures.

Sweat in the eyes mid workout

So, my mind gets fuzzy on time. But I think It was about February, and shit was starting to go down. California was having issues with toilet paper. Yeah, that is right, COVID-F’N-19, was starting to turtlehead in America. So, I looked at my wife and said, “I think we need to stop doing the Keto diet.” It is a kind of expensive diet if you want to eat good. On top of that, I was like “we can stockpile some shit.” I got five kids and I am not about to let them go hungry. The only reason they would starve is because I bought dried beans and lentils. Oh, I do love me some lentils. Anyway, we stopped the diet. Believe it or not, eating carbs again was hard, carbs were a sin to us. We felt so wrong. It threw Betty off the first couple of meals, but she was over it faster than Brooke and myself. Now, over the last three months, I have gained back about eight dreaded pounds of body fat. Doesn’t sound like much but I promise you I can see it in the mirror. At the end of February, I weighed about 152 lbs.

To make sure I don’t get fat, part of my life, about an hour a day of it, is dedicated to my fitness. Because here is the thing, I will never get back to 195 lbs. It came on over a fast five-year span and lasted ten years. Yup, I am forty and in my humble opinion looking good.

post workout, mostly dead.

So, I do a circuit workout routine based on intensity. I generally watch what I eat. I still have a problem with portion control and I have to decide not to overeat beforehand or I will, especially if the food is delicious. Eating right is a choice and it is one that I don’t take lightly. After being on the Keto diet I understand the effect of carbs, sweets, and too many treats. I also understand that patience and determination coupled with the right diet are the easy way to lose weight. Brooke and Betty did nothing but changed their diet and over time seen amazing results. I have fitness goals and things I would like to be able to do. Also, I am vain and want six-pack abs. So working out and doing fun fitness stuff like jogging are key parts of my lifestyle. 

Waking up at 4 am has nothing to do with my fitness goals. I don’t do anything that I could say attributes to my physical health. I workout after 3 pm on average so waking up early has nothing to do with my fitness routine.  Don’t copy me and get some sleep. Sleep is good! I sleep in on the weekends. Okay, I try to sleep in on the weekends. 7 am is super late for me. 


So, I want to close this post with an apology to my sweet Brooke. Unfortunately for her, my laundry is double maybe triple that of a normal person.  Um, and the workout clothes not only stink but became a nasty bomb in the laundry hamper. 

Well, until next time.

Later Gator! 

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