The Last Banana

In this time of social upheaval, political turmoil, and global pandemic we find ourselves in distress. Let’s not forget all the old problems we dealt with before. Yet, we are only halfway through the most intense year I have ever lived through. But if you are looking at the end of the year as some kind of reprieve or reset; you are mistaken. We just continue on like we always have. This is not like school when we had a summer break. The world we live in is always in flux. Change has always been here and it has always either made our lives better or worse. The difficulty of our times is, change is violent, ugly, and irrevocable. People are acting out of hate, fear, and selfishness.

“What are you going to do about it?”

That is the question I ask myself, it is the question I ask of my friends, it is the question the world is asking right now. We all have different answers. We all have different solutions. We don’t have an idea of what the future is going to look like. Not when things settle down. What we know is the world is not going back to the predictable stable environment it once was anytime soon.

What we are finding now is there is a continual war going on for your mind, your heart, your attention. There is a pull wanting you to hate, it is stronger than the pull for you to love. Love is work. Hate is easy, it is easy to hate, it is easy to find fault, it is easy to blame. Love and kindness take responsibility, work, and patience. Contrary to popular belief it isn’t contagious. If so we would have lived in peace a long, long time ago. We wouldn’t have the problem of dealing with what hate has caused.

But love is the answer to the question. What am I going to do about it?

“Love thy neighbor.”


It is that simple. Take responsibility and do good. Pursue understanding, and help others to understand the current situation and work together to find a loving solution. We do get better as humanity goes over time.

I hope this is turmoil just is a short growing pain that helps move the needle in the right direction. One of justice, equality, and love.

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For those wondering what happened to the blog. It is under construction. I am working on content, essays, and really pushing my self to be a bit more professional and reliable here. But I thought a post to read while you wait is suitable.

I miss you all.

Later Gator.

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