Results Matter

I switched up my workout routine last week. It was a nice split made with rest in mind. It works. I put it in my pocket and now I work out seven days a week. The results I want from this work out routine is different than the one I wanted before.

I changed what I did in order to get a new result. Because results matter. I have and will change this blog up to get different results. This blog has an influence on how I think and express my thoughts and opinions to the world.

But I am not a blogger. I am not trying to make a living from blogging. So, I change it up. Which is what I will be doing again and again and again. The reasons vary but I mostly think the writing is getting weak or shitty. Other times I will read it and it comes off as inauthentic. The results matter but so does the journey. I know there are ways to get a repeatable outcome. But I like to roam the wilderness because for me the journey is part of the result. How I get to a place matters as much as where I am going. Because I become more of who I am having gone that way. The hero’s journey kind of shit.

So here we are.


Later Gator.

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