Your Best and The Rest

Only a mediocre person is always at his best.

W. Somerset Maugham

Are you mediocre?

That is the real question this quote presents to us. Are you at your best? Really, did you hit the limit of your ability and see that there are millions of more people better than you at running for example? They are faster, they have better form, they can run for longer, some doing it while pregnant. If your best is mediocre, should you quit?

The way I see it you must first think about your motive. If you are doing something for pleasure like running, then keep at it. It isn’t a competition for you. It is a recreation and healthy activity. But if you are doing it in a competitive arena, well, you better consider dropping out. If your best doesn’t put you on the playing field, you need to find a new game.

Competition is about getting better to beat your opponent. It isn’t about beating yourself. Grown-up facts: Competition is about winning. If you are at your best, you cannot proceed to get better. If you do not think you can change or improve you have lost. To compete even at the highest levels a person has to find even the smallest places to improve. That small place might be the key, the little thing the competition ignores and becomes your advantage.

Let’s be real, all competition will become self-competition if you are really good at something. Remember to the rest of the world if you choose to compete there is a standard. You and I will either meet that standard or we cannot compete. The Boston Marathon has a time cap. The NFL has tryouts. The better the college is supposed to be the harder it is to get in. The higher the position in a company the higher the standard. If you make that standard then at some point, the only way for you to get better is by beating yesterday. You can’t do that if you are at your best.

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