Death By a Thousand Clicks

To fall into habit is to begin to cease to be.

Miguel de Unamuno

There are a lot of things we do daily that we never intended to do. Things like play a game on our phone, scroll through an app like TikTok or eat a little treat when we get home from work. We just start doing them and suddenly that is something we do every day. We die with a thousand clicks daily, wasting our time and efforts.

Falling into a habit isn’t the same as building a habit. If you build a habit you have control and purpose as to why you have the habit. The easiest example is running to lose weight. You have to commit to doing it for a long time to making it a habit. You get up, put on your shoes, and feel like it or not you run, either for time or distance. Once you hit the goal weight, you keep running to keep the standard you are at. You become a runner, fast or slow you still go.

What I love about the above quote is habits can kill our being. If you do not want to be a robot or a slave, then you must kill habits that you did not intend to have. If you want to expand who you are being you might need to read a book. But if reading is already a habit; you gotta meet new people, get out into the world.

Make habits that challenge your basic assumption of who you are and what makes you happy. For instance, working out sucks… at first. You lift heavy weights, your sore, you hurt, and then you’re expected to do it again. But if you keep with it it becomes a pleasure, the pain is no longer a hurting pain but a soreness because you pushed your limits. You are continually pushing your body and it has learned to recover faster. Your habit has you growing as a person or at least a body.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ” —Aristotle

If you read yesterday’s post Excellence is Not Perfection you will know that excellence is to outdo yourself. With that in mind making it a habit to do better every day requires intention. Look at your habits, look at what they are making you into, and do not judge. That is right, do not judge yourself. Do not put a label on anything. Just analyze it and ask, why. Why do I do this thing? What do I get out of it? Does it make me happy? If I used this time to do something else would I be happier? If I had to look back on this part of my life would I be proud to show it to God? Did I waste my time, energy, or effort? Is this the best thing I could do with my life’s energy? Would I pay someone to do this? Would someone pay me to do this? If I keep doing this what is the end result? Is this contributing to my happiness? Is this something I do to relax? Does this contribute to my stress? Is this something I do to grow? If I could no longer do this would it have an impact on my life?

Okay, here is the most important thing you can do. Set an intention with your life. Do not lock the intention on success, but on an action, you can work on and get better at it. For instance, I want to live to see at least one hundred. I work out daily, eat well, and make sure my body will make the journey. So I have the intention of being fit when I am old. I also have the intention of being a writer, which means I write (almost) every day. The intention informs the action. I also want to be positive, I listen to affirmations daily. I want to enjoy life, I look for things to be grateful for and reasons to smile and laugh. It really can be that simple. Set the intention, make it a habit, and suddenly you become the intention. A person who_____.

I gotta go.

Later Gator.


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