Excellence is Not Perfection

The quality of a man’s life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence.

Tom Landry

A commitment to excellence is a commitment to improvement.

Now that we have an understanding of it. I am taking it to heart. Really, I have read this quote before and it sounded great. It sounded simple and true. It sounded unattainable. It is something you can imagine professional athletes have applied to their success. It makes you think that the highest standard is the starting point. Like the military making their beds, flawless. That is probably why I always brushed it off.

Excellence is not perfection. It isn’t perfecting. It is excelling, it is outdoing. That is the simplest way to think about this without getting caught up in an imaginary idea of what it means to be committed to excellence.

You see excellence has always sounded too ridged for me. Too polished. But put in terms of outdoing changes how I think about it. I see how much it would benefit me to commit to it. I would rephrase it to “I am committed to outdoing myself.” The commitment would take creativity and hard work. The standard would rise all the time and so would your ability to do great things.

Anyway, this has given me a lot to think about. So, I am going to end here. But it is worth you giving it some real thought time, not just a quick read.

Later Gator.


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