An Appetite For Life

‘Tis not the meat, but ’tis the appetite makes eating a delight.

Sir John Suckling

Life is full of good things. We can choose to ignore them, take them for granted, or act as if they are out of our reach, but they are still there. We have the choice to whet our appetite for life or treat it as if it is a bore.

I am going to let you in on a little known fact about me. I have a high tolerance for boring and mundane. I can keep at it even when it has lost its initial thrill. I can eat the same lunch and breakfast every day. I can eat the same five or six meals throughout the week. I can go to the same job and live on repeat. Does it drive me crazy and depressed? Only if I let it. But my days and life are full of ideas, thoughts, small interactions, what some call real life. I eat with a purpose, so I keep it minimal. I work to live, I am like a farmer my expectations are where they should be.

What I also do is grind it out in the gym. I draw every day. I write every day. I work on building my mind every day. I push my own learning and at times relearn things I have forgotten. I try to laugh every day, joke around, and build a positive mindset. Every day I live doing a mix of things I like and things I must do. We all live that way. The more we can develop a taste for life as it is the happier we can become. It is called living an ordinary life to satisfaction.

Satisfaction isn’t the enemy of going after our dreams. Satisfaction actually points us to it. When we are not striving to satisfy our needs we have the space to want, to grow, to look up at something out of reach, and figure out a way to get it. The journey begins when we can want something and knowing going after it will make us grow.

Later Gator.


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