Three Fundamentals of Success

Play the game right. If you play the game intelligently and execute the fundamentals, you can win.

Tony Larussa

When we get down to it, in life there are people who do not want to do the fundamental things to succeed. They don’t want to set goals, they don’t want to commit, they don’t want to change in order to get better. These are foundational things successful people do.

Any book on success or living your best life now riffs on these three things:

The first thing is set a goal or intention.

You cannot hit a target if you do not aim at it. Setting an intention might be a little vague, but it can mature into a solid goal over time. The point is saying I don’t know is a great way to go nowhere, and do nothing. It is your life, no matter what is going on in the world you still have to live it out, and pursue your dreams, so get some.

After they pick their direction, they commit to their path

Most people quit when things get hard. They also quit when someone says something negative. It doesn’t take much to separate them from their ambition. When life asks how bad do you want it, they say I wouldn’t leave the couch for it.

Commitment is the hardest part because we must close the doors to other opportunities and interests. we must become obsessed with our goal and put other things aside. (Read or listen to Grant Cardone’s book Be Obsessed or Be Average)

They adapt along the way.

I haven’t heard of anyone quitting their job because the road was closed. But I hear of people giving up on their dreams because at a distance it looked like the road was closed. Here is the thing, there are no roads to success. Your life is an uncut jungle. You must grab a compass, your goal, and hack your way through. If you find yourself on an easy road to success, that is when you are working on someone else’s dream. As the old saying goes; work on your dreams or someone will pay you to work on theirs.

Later Gator.


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