Wisdom is Waiting

Wisdom is merely knowing what to do next.


There are a lot of quotes and ideas about wisdom. Some are just thoughts we entertain, not actions we actually live by. But the above struck me as important for one reason. Wisdom is not an intellectual pursuit. It is not the gathering of knowledge. It is also not the understanding of a concept or thing. Wisdom is knowing what to do. It is the application of education. It is experience that makes a difference now.

Wisdom sounds mysterious. It has the feeling of an older time. Something to pursue and stand in awe of. To be wise. What a thing that would be.

We do not pursue wisdom in our day and age. We are data gatherers. We are looking for answers to the simplest questions. We have not moved beyond the previous generations. We are still concerned with survival. And most of the time we mistake greed for survival. We want more, we need better, we have to do something big with our lives. We have to have and never get to having a purpose.

Here we are.

The journey that matters right now is yours.

Wisdom waits.

The pursuit of wisdom is two-fold. It is an inner and outer journey. It is learning from life and others. And it is doing something with it. Only when the action is applied does the wisdom belong to you. You do not have to be a fool and make mistakes that others had already gone through. Apply their lessons, be instructed from their faults, that is wisdom. Learning from your success and failures is also the accumulation of wisdom. Over time these two things coupled will leave you with the sense of I know what to do now and I know what to do next.

What is not said about wisdom is that if you don’t have the courage to apply it, you can never have it.

Later Gator.


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