Talent, Patience, and an Enjoyable Life

Great talent takes time to ripen.

Greek Proverb

Let’s pretend we never heard about the 10,000-hour rule. Let’s pretend that we had some talent in a field of play. What has always been known is eventually someone with mediocre talent can beat someone with talent; if they work hard enough. The Rabbit and the Hair is our example. But that person with talent if they couple it to a hard work ethic becomes unstoppable. That unstoppable-ability is what we consider greatness. It is what we watch when athletes play at the top of their game, beating other pros.

Patience is the key to the success of talent. It is the work over time honing skills. It is the mental struggle to make problem-solving on a higher level instinctual. Talent will take us only so far. The fire it is to light us will burnout. If we do not fuel it. If we get lazy and take it easy because we are talented. Eventually, talent fades.

You might say you have no talent. That is fine. Be talent-less. Be you. You do not need to depend on talent to have an enjoyable life, to make a living, to go on an adventure, to join a profession, to have a family, to make friends, to be. Don’t focus on what you don’t have and use it as an excuse not to try.

The pleasure of being alive isn’t found on the mountain top but on the climb. To feel you are doing something and enjoying it. We live a short time on this planet. You don’t have to spend it climbing a ladder of someone else’s version of success. In fact, you don’t have to climb at all. Let’s imaging for you it is a tightrope across a canyon. Certain death on either side. If you only imagine the fear of death from falling, you missed the point of getting on the tightrope. To feel alive. The thrill of doing something and getting out there is always calling those willing to die to live. Even if the only thing you are risking is your ego.

If you have talent don’t force it to blossom. Nurture it. If you don’t try something that looks fun.

Later Gator.


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