Don’t Let Your Ego Tell You Who To Be

There is only one proof of ability: action.

Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach

We can’t see ourselves as we really are if we pretend to be. Our ego, our self worth can get caught up in thinking we are better than we actually are. When that happens we set goals based on our image of who we think we are. We set plans according to the ideas we have of ourselves and our inflated abilities. We, you and I have to stop imagining our identity and abilities to truly see them.

Life isn’t about climbing a ladder of what others consider success. Life is about enjoying the moment, seeking challenges, and expressing gratitude and awe. But we miss life when we are caught up looking at ourselves for too long. We miss the point that to be is good. We miss to just simply be is a joy. We think the best is yet to come. The truth is if you can’t enjoy the now, you won’t enjoy the “best” because there is always something more, you can always be more.

Settling is a word we use to describe a loss in a positive way. Being you isn’t settling. When you can stop pretending and start being then you can actually start winning. Being you and doing it on purpose is a bold endeavor. It means you stop doing things that you don’t like or that don’t serve you. It means you quit on dreams that are really just distractions. It means you start doing things that make you feel alive now. It means you embrace your flaws. Success is no longer based on what the world thinks of you but the outward expression of who you are. If you are a leader it will be clear to you. If an artist the same. If you are talent-less, you are free to be curious about life and do whatever sparks joy in you. But this requires a hard look at yourself. It requires acceptance and then the courage to achieve.

When we imagine trying to be better, we cannot because we are not working from what is. We start with a false image of who we are. But if we give up this notion of being better and try to just be. If we try to just experience the moment, accept life as it is. We then can work on ourselves. We can see our responses to life and adjust them. We can take actions that will, in fact, make us better.

Being goes like this; leaders have a vision of the future, they want to be in charge to get there. Artist have a longing to create something from nothing. Writers have a need to express themselves and life through words. Entrepreneurs see an opportunity to make money and take the risk to do so. Businessmen see systems and enjoy organizing people to get a thing done. Politicians see the world as a battle of ideologies that other people have to live out and want to influence it their way. Normal people… settle for who they are, what life gives them, and want to be entertained. It is normal to blame others, to imagine we are great, to imagine we have it all figured out. It is not normal to figure our shit out and just be ourselves without apology. You Do You.

Later Gator.


Endnote: Being yourself, doesn’t mean be an asshole. In fact, you should be able to let a lot of shit go because they don’t matter. Assholes are selfish narcissist.

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