April 1st

I am changing everything. Not really everything. But everything I do online. After reading my brilliant daughter’s post I had to consider what it is I was doing. What I should be doing and what I want to be doing.

I shared the post in two places. The first twitter the second my personal Facebook, the reactions for both didn’t surprise me. Friends read it and had a laugh. Twitter all but one person ignored it. (I see where most of the readers come from.) Anyway, her post wasn’t harsh, mean, or anything I didn’t expect her to say. But what it did for me was give me a moment to reassess what I have been doing.

I deleted a lot of content last night.

I do things in such an intertwined way that 90 percent of what I am thinking is left out of the content I make. For instance if I post while drinking it doesn’t mean I am hammered. It means I am on the good side of buzzed and should stop drinking, and I do. I still know what I am saying, what I want to say and it is all coherent, as coherent as I can be anyway. I don’t care what people think about me, which is why I am freer than most. I am not trying to protect an image, I just am. But her post, let me in on a problem I have; I want people to know an image of me not me. The problem is I put me-the-personal-and private-me in all I do.

And that is what I deleted when I deleted content last night.

It is what I am going to continue to do as I move forward. I am going to give the world the persona. My personality will still be there, but not my private-self, instead the world will get the persona. I will purge and build at the same time. The thing is I was working on selfish motives. What did I want to put out, what entertained me. Moving to a persona, is how can I serve through this personality; how does this post help my audience? I want to write for a living which means I cannot be playing around. I need to do things different. That is where we are my dear readers.

Until next time.


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