My Father is a Weirdo

Hello everyone, this is Angel(aka Nino’s daughter)! I am the first born child in my family. That means that I have spent the most time with my crazy parents. I have lived a wild 18 years where a lot has happened. I have learned so much about everything, but I mostly have learned about how weird my dad is. He is probably one of this weirdest people out there. He is one of those dads that want to be cool, but just aren’t.

I mean he has TikTok and doesn’t even know how to use it correctly. He makes videos of him showing off his face with as many filters as possible like he’s an attractive teenage boy. That isn’t even the worst of his TikToks. There is times he posts videos of him with some extremely weird filter (like a dog or bear face filter) and will “act” like he is that filter. He says the most weird things. He thinks he is hilarious and he laughs sooo much at his videos. I just don’t understand his humor sometimes.

Not only is he this weird on TikTok, but he also is this way on Snapchat. I find his Snapchat to be a bit more embarrassing. Some of my friends follow him on there cause they think he’s funny. I’m not gonna lie, there are times that he does have a funny posts. All the other times are umm, well they’re interesting. He likes to do the filters and do the whole “acting” thing, but he will also take the weirdest videos and post them on there. He has posted selfies of him with my dog pooping in the background and he’ll record me while I don’t know and he’ll put a filter on me. For example, the other day he put an old lady filter on my face and started recording me. I didn’t realize that he was recording me until in the middle of our conversation he started calling me a witch. So all of my friends who have him on Snapchat saw my “witch” video.

So not only does my dad think he is cool with TikTok and Snapchat, but he also has like 4 different Instagram accounts. I don’t understand why he has to have so many. I only follow one because who has time to keep up with all those accounts. On the account that I follow, he just posts a lot of selfies that are edited with all the fancy Instagram filters. Occasionally he will have my mom and my youngest sister pop up in a posts. (He makes it obvious who his favorites in the house are and for some reason I am not one of them :/ ).

The platform that he is the absolute weirdest on is Twitter. This app is probably the most dangerous one. He just puts his thoughts on there as if it’s okay. Now by the time I got twitter, I became smart enough to know not to follow him. Just because I don’t follow him though doesn’t mean that I don’t see his tweets. My dad will post a lot of different things. He’ll put some serious thoughts and opinions on there and sometimes he’ll put something that he thinks is funny. Occasionally he will combine those two and it turns into a long tweet that I just don’t understand. I don’t ask to see his tweets, but after he posts them he’ll ask me and my mom to read them as if he needs our approval for something he already posted. There are times when they are funny and I can laugh at them easily. The other times I sometimes don’t know how to act.

My dad loves the whole social media thing and you can tell from these I have been telling you about and the fact that he has every other social media platform like Facebook and other old people social media. That’s just the social media part of his weirdness. I think he gets a lot weirder when I talk about boys. My dad gets uncomfortable when this subject gets brought up. He even does some of the weirdest things when it comes to boys.

There was a time a boy came and picked me up for a date and he sent my one sister out to the car and told the boy that I needed a chaperon. The boy was freaked out and thought that he was being serious. Even the other couple who was sitting in the car thought that she was coming with. Now I have a constant fear for when a boy comes to pick me up for a date. I have a big fear that my dad is going to do something weird and super embarrassing.

Not only is my dad weird with the whole dating thing for me, but it got worse when I had my first kiss. My dad gave me a kissing curfew. Like what the heck is that?! My dad made up a stupid rule that I couldn’t hang out with guys he thought that I would kiss past 10pm until I turned 18. He said I could go and make out with any guy as long as it was before 10pm. I kissed that boy when I was 17 and haven’t kissed anyone since. I am not the kind of person that just goes our and kisses every guy I see, but that’s how he thought of it. He made a rule that I don’t necessarily need or ever did need.

What is weird though, is the fact that he is weird about every boy I talk about except for this one boy. I think my dad approves of him because this boy has told me how he thinks my dad is funny and an attractive man. So I have come to the conclusion that my dad approves of boys that boost his self esteem.

Anyways I have realized that this has become a very long post, so if ya’ll give this a lot of love I will be back with another post. I’ll post something about other weird things he’s done or just some fun stories about my awesome relationship with my weird dad.

So byeeeeeee!

Note for my dad: I love you so much and I appreciate you and your weirdness so much. This was not to diss on you in any way, I just started typing and this is what came out of it. Anyways thanks for letting me post on your blog or whatever this is. Thanks for everything you do. I love you!!

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