5 Subtle Ways Of Self-Promotion

So, yesterday’s post was a bit of what not to do. I haven’t gone back and read it. Because I am careless like that. But I looked at the title and kinda remembered what I wrote. So, to keep this simple here are five ways to self-promote.

  1. Share what you are learning. Unless you are an established authority in a field your best bet is to share what is new to you. You don’t have to be the best. You just have to be willing to learn and share.
  2. Promote one thing through one channel. I suck at this on purpose. I blog through my name. But I just like to write and share ideas, I don’t care what people think of me. But if you want to self-promote use ideas, passions, or interests as lighting rods. Most people are the car guy, or the sports girl, or the community build dude. I don’t know I am try to be vague so you can place yourself in the (subject) (Noun). Ah, horror author. right. This gives people a shared affinity they can get to know you by.
  3. Do the thing. Let’s take writing as our example. I am a writer. I write; I can legitimately tell the world this is what I do. I can do it poorly and still be a writer. I can do it and get paid a lot of money and the title wouldn’t change. So, when you are self-promoting do the thing. Let’s say you want to be a marketer. It is too obvious to write about marketing. Instead find your lightning rod interest and actually build a marketing philosophy and strategy to promote it and then do it. This establishes credibility and gives you experience in building something beyond talking about something. (It is the reason I bang my head against the wall trying to write a novel. Novels or books are the writers there I did something.)
  4. Nobody cares until they need your help. I know that sounds harsh. But here is the thing you don’t care who is a good plumber until you need a plumber. The same thing goes for good movies. A famous person will get me into a movie because I trust they will try and only be in good movies. If it is a comedy I look at two things, comedian staring in it and the subject matter. Now if you want to be considered for something, then doing that thing comes in handy. If you do it a lot. If you are consistent over time you will prove to someone that you not only know a lot about it, but you can also deliver. Think about the hobbyist that gets hit up to make or build something all the time. Their consistency and passion for what they are doing is self-promotion enough.
  5. Actually self-promote. That is right. Brag. Don’t humble brag. Just flat-out brag. As your list of credits grows talk about the things you are most happy with and the things you are most known for. If you built a kick-ass app. Let people know it. Most people aren’t going to stalk you to learn what you have done. Think about it like being a gallery artist. You have to promote, your name, your work, what it is about. You have to try to get people in the gallery, you have to print up flyers, build an email list, try and build a fan base and a patronage that supports your living and working. Creation is one job, promotion is another one, the artist works two full-time jobs.

Now I am going to throw in a bonus sixth point:

Connect with people in your field. I do not do this. I refuse to do this. I have a hard time doing this. You don’t need to connect with everyone, you just need to connect with people who care about you and want you to succeed as much as you want the same for them. If you start a consultancy business realize you cannot help everyone in your town. If you know some of the other consultants you can pass work on to them. They will do the same. Or you might be in the creative field and someone knows a director who is looking for a mystery writer to help on a movie, I don’t know. Your friend who is working on a different project tells him to hit you up. Connecting with people in your field doesn’t mean you become their guru or answer man. It means you can connect and freely talk back and forth about ideas and interest. You can grow together. One out of a thousand people might become a connection like this. The rest will know of you and might just keep an eye on you, because they like you but prefer to like you from a far.

So much for a quick five points.

Later Gator.

Your friend,


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