The Five Wrong Ways of Self-promotion

Have you ever thought about why someone likes you? How about this, have you ever thought about why someone likes a blogger or podcaster? Why do people buy every book their self-help guru puts out?

I’m gonna tell you why.

It is because they state the problem and offer a solution to the problem.

The problem is the hook. It is what their readers are dealing with. The bait is the solution. Or maybe that is backwards… No that is right. You are hooked on your problem. The bait, the piece of meat on the hook is gonna get you to bite in and pull you by the mouth to their solution. They resonate with you. Their solutions are probable to you and sometimes they are ever workable. Here is the thing. Gurus get paid when you buy. If you don’t take action on their advice, you and they know it is not their problem. Now if you or your small businesses need a more customized approach, well, well, well, my friend for a small fortune you got it.

Okay, I am done shitting on gurus, experts and consultants, because it is a legitimate way to get your business and as far as I can see they do a great job.

But there is a wrong way.

There is a wrong way to ask for a job.

There is a wrong way to put yourself out there as an expert or guru.

The first way is to act like you are an expert when your not. Simply put don’t. If you have no credits to your name don’t pretend to be in the game.

The second way is to be undefined. What does that mean? It means being a jack of all trades. Nobody wants to hire the consultant who does everything. They want the person who kicks ass at the one thing. Or has a way to solve problems that they can trust them to help no matter what the situation is.

The third way is to ask, what can I do for you? It sounds nice, but in reality it is asking someone else to create work for you to do. You are not presenting solutions to a problem they already have but creating a problem for them that they don’t have time for.

The fourth way is to always be right. I know it sounds crazy, how can always being right be the wrong way? have you ever heard the phrase “Nobody likes a know it all?” It is true. Asking questions and responding with a thoughtful answer helps, but asking questions that lead to new better answers that takes collaboration, that shit takes skill, intellect, and humility.

The fifth way is to promote, promote, promote without anyone responding to the promotion. Ten percent is a basic active audience. If you do not have at least ten percent of your audience reacting to your shit. Well your promotions aren’t connecting. You are off base and you need to figure out if what you are doing is really offering value.

Here is the thing. I spent years thinking leadership, marketing, and business y things, were what I wanted in life. I listened to the gurus and experts. I listened to the hard charging type A’s gett’em done types. I listened to voices that didn’t truly resonate with me, but I believed they were the only path to “success.” So, I have a lot of this stuff locked up in my head. I have no desire to be your guru or expert, or influencer. I am on a weird Zen type path. I want to write fiction, I want to write humor, I want to write about the truth through the lies of fiction. So, take this post with a grain of salt. I have had a nice cup of wine and am writing this as a procratination to writing a short fiction.

Anyway, I gotta go.

Later Gator.

Your friend,


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