Personal Growth and Bullshit

There’s a problem most people face who are into personal development. They are addicted tot he idea of getting better and not the actions to actually get better. I don’t have time to hold punches on this post or ease you into the concept. We, I fall into this group, like the idea of getting better and develop a sense of pride knowing a lot about self-development. We continue to learn and make baby steps only because our brain has become accustomed to thinking about things differently. Baby steps don’t make you better in-fact it might justify your shitty condition. “O’ but I read this book” or “After I read this book” and guess what nothing happens. The reason nothing happens is you like most people don’t really want to follow someone else’s formula for life.

Don’t Bullshit yourself.

Here are the three things you should do if you want to grow personally.

  1. Accept what is. Don’t talk about what if, or what should be, or what could be, look at what is and take real action on it. If there is nothing to fix be happy about it.
  2. Trust yourself. The reason we turn to self-help books is we don’t trust ourselves to make the right decisions. We don’t really want to fail or look like a fool. But you will not learn, you will not gain the wisdom you need if you do not take action yourself. Trusting yourself is taking action on your own gut instincts.
  3. Look at yourself all the time. Watch yourself, watch your emotions, watch you reactions, watch what makes you happy and figure out why some things upset you. Learn to be yourself. After you have actually done this for a few months you might know what you want to do in life and that is were you will find true personal growth.

Later Gator.

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