Everyone is Focused on Fear. Instead, Focus on Faith

Two weeks, eight weeks, and then…

We have no idea what is going to happen. We have our guesses. We have our positive and negative points of view. We have our assumptions and we have our instinct of fear. We don’t know the future. The government, the news, and our friends do not know what the future holds and that is a good thing.

I have friends and family who are not worried. I have friends and family who are. I walk the line between. Worry is only useful if you can take action to alleviate it. It is our God-given instinct to take action based on negative events that are taking place or about too. We consider these bad feelings, but they are not. They are life-saving actions used with foresight. Are they accurate, naw, but they help. Now worry easily turns to fear. Fear, fear is the worst. Fear is what happens when we feel in imminent danger. Fear doesn’t lead to smart thinking, it doesn’t care about long term effects, it doesn’t lead to a real positive outcome.

This is why we have the gift of hope. We have a God-given mind that hopes. That sees the bright side. We have a mind that can rise above the fear, the panic, and look for the best possible outcome. We do not know the future, but we know it can be good. The only problem with hope is it too can be a wrong step. Hope shouldn’t negate the action worry calls for. Hope should walk hand in hand with worry, taking small actions that will ease it and point it to the best possible outcome. Hope is looking at worry and turning it to faith.

Faith, my faith is in God. It is in a greater storyteller. It is in Jesus. But that might not be you. Can you still have faith? Yes. It doesn’t have to be in my faith. My faith is dual, I believe God will do something, and that I have to do something. Faith is an action based on belief. It is living your life as if. That as if, works like this: I believe I am responsible for everything in my life. That is the positive view. If you are responsible, you can take some kind of action. The opposite is true, if you feel someone else is responsible, you can take no action and are a victim. The faith you have is based on the story you tell yourself. That story is totally in our hands.

As we begin this time of quarantine, it is a great time to decide what story you believe. It is a great time to reflect on what life means to you. It is a great time to decide what life will look like after the chaos eases. It is a great time for you to build a faith in God and in yourself.

Be safe, take naps, and limit negative media. Read a book, there is no pop-up ads.

Later Gator.

Your Friend,


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