Nothing is Normal

Normal, the way things have been. Normal, a way of living that keeps up a pattern so sustainable you could time it and know how to react to it. Normal, predictable, common, the wild that seems so spontaneous is normal, predictable, and common.

This is how humanity outgrew the wilderness, how we evolved passed huts, and how we moved from gathering in the wild to harvesting near a home. Animals have patterns and learning those patterns moved us beyond hunters, we became farmers. Our way of life is simple now, we exchange money for goods and services. We haven’t outgrown our own nature yet. But we have someone else mastering it.

Let’s play a little. We hunt for human attention.

Newspapers and magazines sold ads, then the radio came along. The radio became a new source for advertisers. Then television came and the hunt continued in a new area. The internet, oh did she break the mold. The hunting patterns from three major mass consumer-driven outlets were turned on its head. The prey had broken free of the content cage the adverts used. A new day had dawned and the mass media outlets had become less relevant to human consumption. Nooks and crooks of interests on the internet popped up until a new mass media outlet changed the game again; Youtube. It became a collection of interests and a gathering point for data on consumers and their actual interest. But this was just the beginning. It took one website to build a web that connected people and their relationships with each other and their likes to become the dominant farmer. Holding consumer attention and gathering as much data on them as possible. Yes, Facebook is the king of the mountain right now. The newest challenger to this consumer capturing giant is TikTok. It gives users the freedom from their close web of friends and family to be dumb, but that is dying as ads and heavy-hitting content creators ruin the reason the app was fun in the first place, people want attention now more than ever. The human need to be seen and heard was prevalent on all social media sights, but TikTok had filled another need; the need to play. Will this app have the same results, no. But it will have data and eyeballs to sell to advertisers, and that is a business, I little farmhouse, overlooking billions of data points on people’s new normal.

What is so normal is our ability to hunt what we want based on patterns. Even if we are hunting each other. Everything that is happening now is normal. Even the crisis is normal. We just need to have a longer view of what is happening.

Something tells me, normal is changing just a little faster today than it has in previous years, but that is also becoming normal.

Later Gator.

Your friend,


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Oh, sorry about the headline! Everything is normal over time. I totally forgot to change it before I hit publish.

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