Work And Your Life

A Short List About Work:

  • Do the work.
  • Determine what the true work is.
  • Remember you do the work in order to accomplish something.
  • The work you do will end, the effect of the work you do will leave a ripple in time.
  • Life is short and even the smallest part of your life will have an impact on others.
  • Not all work is done for money.
  • Not all work is done with love.
  • Not all work is intentional expression, all work is expression.
  • Work satisfies our need for problems.
  • Work isn’t the totality of who we are.
  • Work can solve other’s problems and creates them for the worker.
  • Work can be fun.
  • Work can create depression.
  • Work can accomplish something or can be a repetitive grind.
  • Work can make dreams come true.
  • Work can be a nightmare.
  • Work can turn one person on and another off.
  • Work is as natural to humans as it is for ants.

There is an old saying “Work on your dreams or someone will pay you to work on theirs.” The above list is just a quick brain dump. It is there so you can think about what work means to you. What does having a job in society mean to you? Is it a job that fulfills a need or is it something you do to get by? Are you searching for meaning through work? Do you feel like you are wasting the very gift of life you are given?

I have started reading Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game. What stands out to me so far is the mentality between an infinite game and a finite game. The finite games mentality is that it ends. Winner takes all. Competition and getting ahead are how a person wins. The infinite game is more complex and less about beating someone else. There is no permanent business leader. The perpetuation of the company is what matters; keeping the game going. Anyone can jump in the game at any time and disrupt the whole thing. The finite game is built around traditional goal setting. You only know you have won or are winning compared to your arbitrary goals. Your life’s work will not be on a goal sheet. It will be a composite of all the good you have done. It won’t matter what area of life you did it in, it won’t matter how many times you failed, it won’t matter if you don’t feel successful; your life’s work will be measured by the good you did. That is what will be said at your funeral, that is what those who mourn you will talk about, your life is a work of art. You decide what kind of expression and impression you leave.

Your attitude, your ambition, your disconnect, your dissonances, all of it will be a wave upon wave in your life. It will be the music you make and you will feel the vibration as you go from moment to moment.

A criminal caught feels the weight of their crimes, a hero at home is known for their good deeds.

Later Gator.

Your friend,


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