Choose Your Direction

Early bird gets the worm

I wake up early. 4 am early. Don’t believe the books that tell you waking up early will make you successful. It doesn’t, what it does is gives you more time. More alone time to be specific. It has creates time to focus on yourself and your priorities. But it doesn’t make you successful, you do that.

Waking up early is only good if you go to bed early. Sleep is more important. Sleep, oh that beautiful thing, is what makes us function properly. It lets our brains lock in the actions and lessons of the day. It creates moments of rest and if you have a crazy enough dream, reflection. Night owls accomplish the same thing early risers do. Something else determines success, and that is attention.

Attention Determines Direction

So, the key to success isn’t about when you wake up. But it is about what you prioritize. It is about what you give your attention to in your waking hours.

If you want to become the best at anything it will need more of your attention. That attention will determine the level of success you have. That attention will build over time the expertise through observation and experience (if you are brave enough to take action) that will lead to success no matter how many failures you encounter.

It goes like this, you cannot become a great mountain climber if your attention is on surfing. It is that simple. If you watch surfing videos all day, practice surfing, and talk about surfing, but say you want to climb K2, well, you are just talking and not sticking to something you actually want to do.

Life, goal setting, and getting shit done is that simple. Give your attention to the things you want to accomplish. Not the daydreams about doing something you aren’t actually interested in doing. Look at what has your actual interest. Pursue it and don’t quit. Settle for who you are and what you are interested in and be successful at that. Give your attention to those challenges. Most people don’t succeed because they want the pie in the sky dream where everything is easy. But the truth is life is a marathon and enjoying this run is all you get. Focusing on someone else’s finish line will not get you to the end of your race or make you the person you have to be to finish either race.

Later Gator.

Your Friend,


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