The Monday After The SuperBowl

Some people had waited their whole lives to see the Chiefs win a Superbowl. Some people died waiting. The coach worked for twenty-one years professionally to get there. The Quarterback was in his third year. For me, I enjoyed their win for the night. It was a flash in the pan.

Providing For The Win

There is a huge difference between the person who is a fan and the person who has the ability. But the person who has the ability has no chance of living out their dreams without the fan. If there were no diehard fans to fill the stadiums, buy the merch and support the team, there would be no team, no professional athlete, no bandwagon fan. Which would mean no big game, no hype, no universal draw, no big ad bucks, nothing to get excited about.

Sports is a form of entertainment. People watch it for the show. They identify with the team being the main character, they feel the losses and the wins. They emotionally invest in the outcome. They understand the movement, the drive, the determination it takes for someone to play at that level. They show their appreciation by going to the games, and putting their money where their heart is. This type of support doesn’t only apply to sports, it applies to all entertainment. It is the major movie star, who makes a movie a blockbuster because fans want to see them in a new movie. It is the author who writes a book and suddenly people aren’t only buying their book but merch too. It is the musician whose fans actively recruit new fans and try to get a big group to go to their show.

Using What You Got

The truth is there isn’t much need in today’s society for really big people. Being a CEO doesn’t come with a size requirement, nor does being an engineer. Professional athletes have done two things, taken their natural strength and worked hard on it. Being big alone would not get them to the professional level their at. I have known several big guys and their size as intimidating as it is lacking in real athleticism. These professionals are moving their bodies, taking hits and letting hours of practice command their instincts to make the best move possible.

Now, it didn’t happen overnight. Athletes dedicate their lives to their sport. They become obsessed with being the best they can be. Because they know at some point talent can be beaten by dedication and hard work.

Work and Winning

It is the Monday after the Superbowl. The 49ers will be thinking about the same game as the Chiefs. They will be thinking about what they got to do next season to bring home the win. I am sure, the Chiefs will be thinking about it too just not yet. Let’s bring it home. Do you know what your Superbowl is? Do you have high points of the year? Is your routine built to have a climax, or is it built to be a flatline?

Do you have a goal or dream you would work on twenty years to achieve, would you keep after it if it only took you three, would you work on it if it took your whole life and never came to be?

Later Gator.

Your freind,


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