Does Blogging Make You Smart?

Focused Humor

I will be transitioning the writing of this blog from kinda helpful posts to humor posts that poke fun at problems while giving solutions. There is an excellent reason for it. Okay, it isn’t excellent, it is completely subjective. But here you go: I don’t want to give life advice.


Am I funny? That is the real question I ask myself and I respond with a smile and say no. I am not funny, but I’m not into being serious. People who cannot laugh, people who are always, always, always trying to improve, people who don’t get that life is hard and the best defense humans have for a hard life is humor, well they aren’t the people I want to spend time with. I want to spend time with people who I can make laugh, people who get my humor and at the same time don’t have to keep up a persona of this is “who I am, I better not break character.” My best friendships are a mixed bag of life advice, bullshit, and humor. We give our advice and opinion because we shared our problems. We bullshit because we have things in common, we laugh because we have a shared sense of humor. None of my friends are like me. I am sure none of my readers are just like me too. But I am sure we can connect better over a joke, we can bullshit over the happenings in the world and yes, share life advice.

Later Gator

The above Later Gator has been how I closed most of my communication. It is my simple way of keeping it loose and friendly. As I write this I look like a treasure troll in a blue robe hungover wishing it was Saturday. Now, going forward, I will be writing a bit more about me, I love-hate it, but I think it will serve you my beautiful readers best. I will write with my poor sense of humor and overtime improve until one day, we both can’t wait to read a funny story at 5 in the F’n morning. Until then,

Later Gator

Your Friend,


P.S. I wrote the total bullshit headline for fun because I didn’t want to actually come up with one that read, The Blog Is Going To Be Funny Now, Hopefully.

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