The Death Loop

We Start Somewhere

We think the same thoughts we thought yesterday. I read it, heard it, and it sounds true to my experience. Most of us walk around with the same thoughts and problems we had from last year. Yes, they might be in different forms. But they are the same problems. We got those problems because we thought they were a solution to a pre-existing problem. That problem probably started in high school, how am I going to make it.

When We Don’t Deal With OUr Problems

We gradually become what we think about. If we are focus, really focus on solving a goal then ba-da-bing! Somehow we are going to solve the problem. Unless we only find a short term solution to the problem. Then the problem persists and our thinking does too. The best way to overcome a problem is to outgrow it. But that won’t happen if we are so fixated on the problem that we cannot see beyond it. This goes for professional and personal problems. But here is what happens. No matter what our problem is if we do not deal with it, it will get worse. It is like a bad tooth, it will erode until you see the roots. Problems will get to the core of who you are. If we continually think about the wrong solutions to our problems it will become exposed over time.

We are in a Death Loop

We walk in a circle. If a human gets lost in the forest, desert, anywhere, we will walk in a circle. We do the same thing with our problems. When we choose to only see the solutions we have we are lost, and our only resource is our imaginary compass. If you look at the current political climate, you will see what repetitive thinking has done. It not only locks in poor solutions, it makes enemies out of anyone who would disagree. There is no room to experiment, no room to try and grow, it is a sad state. But that is how the death loop works, it comes back to original problem solving without considering a new solution, without outgrowing the problem. The Death Loop of poor thinking will leave a person planning to do something and never doing it. It will leave a person taking action on their dreams only to get as far as the first set back. It will bring down a company because “we tried that” or “That’s not the way we do it.” The Death Loop comes back to poor problem-solving.


To get out of the Death Loop you have to feel the growing pain of change. You have to do something different. You ave to change the crowd you are in. You have to get out of your head and into someone else’s. You have to accept that someone else is right about your problem. You have to face the fact that your “obstacle” is a personal excuse and that is what is holding you back. The Death Loop will want you to come back, it will want you to relapse, it will repeat the thoughts and solutions of yesterday. The Death Loop cannot survive if you actually change and grow. The mental work of growth is to literally think new thoughts and the only way to get them is to actively seek them. Break free of the same voices. There is a reason all industries sound the same. It isn’t until someone comes in with different ideas that an industry gets disrupted, but when it does, look out, things change fast; the same goes for personal and professional lives.

Later Gator.

Your friend,


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