Martin Luther King Jr Day

“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness. ”

Martin Luther King Jr


Most of us start the day with a selfish thought, what do I got to get done today. What can I accomplish that will fulfill my needs? How can I get what I want? We are totally focused on ourselves and this continues throughout the day until we finally need to get some sleep.

We don’t have our purpose set on giving. We don’t look to help others, we don’t do with the sense of service. It seems we were raised to go out and get what we can, and society assumes that doing good is natural. But the simple truth is doing good isn’t. It is why most people fail to actually succeed in life, until their older. At some point in life, we realize that it is better to give. We stop being selfish and say wait a minute, I want people to enjoy the benefits of my talents, I don’t want to die with my gift in me unwrapped.

Once we live out our gift, our life’s results are no longer our problem, we aren’t focused on getting. We become focused on giving. We become obsessed with making sure it is spread out there. We find avenues to use it. We serve with it. We pursue doing good, we pursue purpose. the results are in God’s hands.

I write in light of the day; Martin Luther King Jr Day. A life used for the benefit of others, a life harassed and taken for granted because of the color of his skin. A man who faced hate, oppression, systematic oppression, belittling, death threats, and all this before he became the voice for good, for love, for justice. Read his work, live in his world, understand that it would have been easier to respond with anger, with hate, with violence. But instead, he lived with purpose. He isn’t a memory but living words of wisdom, his thoughts are to be echoed, and a life to be modeled. Walk in the light my friends and do good.

Later Gator.

Your friend,


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