Are You The Same Online vs IRL

There is a difference between how we communicate online vs how we communicate in person. I am odd for an introvert, I do better in person. The main difference is online I get to have control of the topic. Most people are extroverts in real life and introverts online. It is weird but I do think that most extroverts get the taste of thinking before speaking, and the “I don’t know if the other person is going to get this” feeling.

The most interesting thing about writing this blog is I have no idea what I will write about. It will either be a lingering thought or something fresh. Today it is a lingering thought. Yesterday I posted this to my personal Facebook account.

Funny, right? From there I went to twitter and posted about the difference between being with friends and being your most authentic self vs the person you are at work or on the internet. Now I live in a weird spot in my mind right now. I am trying to build a good reputation online by just being the nice guy I am. Putting positivity out there and all that. In real life, I do just that anyway, but I am funnier about it or at times more reserved about it. If I am in my head I am petty sure you would think I was angry all day, I have some RBF going on. But if I am not I can be seen smiling. Look at me this treasure troll below is me before writing.

Good Morning!

Fresh haircut right? Anyway, I am not loud in real life unless I want to be. I choose to be outgoing-ish online because the truth is it is the best way for a creative type to get out in the world and still keep their voice. The work they put out over time will paint not only a picture of who they are but what they value and it will build their brand so that people would know their work instantly. I choose to have a fast style when it comes to writing, it is almost as coherent as when I speak. I don’t hold what I have to say as precious or archival. I think like me it will be a flash in the pan, a vapor; one day we will be gone. But the moment this moment you are reading I get to leave an impression, I get to spread goodness. Cheesy, yes, true, you bet your sweet ass. Now the Facebook post above is cheeky, I like being cheeky, it is my favorite. If we are friends in real life, you get the quick cheeky-ness from me. As I think about it and think about what I want to do having an online presence it makes me think I should bring more of that side. More of the side I reserve for friends and family to the table. Because that is probably my best side.

Now I have to get to work, I have no solutions. I just thought I would throw it out there.

Good morning!

Or whenever you read this goodness to you.

Later Gator.

Your friend,


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