The Root of All Good

We all know the biblical saying “the love of money is the root of all evil.” I am not going to get into that and all the hang-ups people have because of it. Instead, I want to get to the root of all that is good. Serving others.

Grab a business book, grab a self-help book, grab a religious book and there will be a common thread, how can you be of service to others? It is the one thing that we all have in common. When we serve others, not begrudgingly, we feel great! It is when we act out of selfishness that shit goes wrong. *small rant at the bottom if you want to go there* When we serve if we do it right, we will not be looking for the return. That isn’t to say we don’t deserve one or are not entitled to one. It is when we do it and if we do it right, the person served would only be giving back a fraction of what was done. That is not only good business, it is the best way to be a human being.

So, a personality flaw that I have is avarice or at least that is what enneagram 5’s have. It isn’t only for material possessions, but it could be time, ideas, junk, I am not sure on the list of thing I could horde or hold back on, I just know it in myself when it comes up. When I see the world with limits, I stop sharing, stop giving and stop serving. Another personality flaw we also see the world as something separate and dangerous. A lot of fear-based decisions happen that way and it doesn’t lead to serving others. It looks at others with mistrust and suspicion, mostly because I and we have no clue what you are thinking. Anyway, the way I overcome that kind of mental thinking is to think abundance and in connectedness to everything. I know very woo-woo, but it works. That is why service came to mind for me this morning. I thought about what it is I am trying to do online. There is a lot, but one of those things is to help others, to serve them, to… love them in my own way. I do it through this blog, writing positive posts and doing my best to be encouraging. The world can be a negative place, I don’t need my mind to be one either.

So the root of all that is good is service. The bottom line is we can all do something, even if it is a small, “good luck on being alive today” post. When we put serving others first it pushes the ego out and helps us focus on giving the best we have to give. It seems like there is a weird stigma around being positive and optimistic, I don’t give a shit, I will be a positive voice for my friends, family, and anyone I come across, I think you should too.

Gotta Go.

Later Gator,

Your friend,


* I am pretty sure we could live in a peaceful diverse world if we could all live in service to each other. The reason it will not happen is most of us live in scarcity. We think with a limited mindset and to protect or care for the ones we love we look at resources and horde them. We look at anyone outside of that familial bond as an enemy or thief. It is on most levels that simple. Now that is the reason I don’t think love is the root of all that is good. Love can make enemies, but if you want to serve someone you don’t have to love them. You can serve your enemies, you can serve someone you disagree with, you can serve someone as a customer who needs your service and be good to them.

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