Introverted Thinking

Being yourself is hard when you don’t know who you are. I am not talking about your likes or dislikes. I am not talking about your sense of humor or taste in fashion. I am talking about how you interpret the world. On the Myers-Briggs personality types. Taking a test like this gives you insight into how you see, think, and interpret the world.

I am an INTP. The first letter is either an I or an E, standing for introvert or extrovert. What is missed is this is how we think, not how we act in the world. Okay, it is how we act in the world because of how we think. But it is the one I would like to focus on. Extroverted thinking takes data from the outside, it thinks loudly. Introverted thinks from the inside, it looks inward for answers.

The differences between these two types of thinking and being in the world can determine success or failure. What has surprised me in the last couple of weeks is my seeing my own setbacks as an INTP personality type, especially in the way I see things. I want to think about it, figure it out, understand it before I commit to doing something by then the problem has changed, most of the time for the worst. Why does this happen? Because the problem moves from the real world to my head and quits being a real problem to me. Now that is just one way it happens. The other is the solution isn’t tested and it becomes a practice of imaginary goal setting, with made-up metrics and a lot of what if’s. The solution. Stop thinking and start doing. Here is the thing I have consumed enough information most of us had to get some really cool shit done. The problem is getting out of our head and into the real world, where we can fail. Because until we fail we won’t really figure out how to succeed. Introverted thinking will demand we figured out what happened and why we failed, so we can try again.

I have to wrap this up. I feel like I am just getting started. Sorry.

Introverted thinking is the way we think. It can’t be changed. We don’t have to overcome it, we have to direct it. Time alone thinking is easy and natural to us. We will seek it out and make time to get our shit together, it is a matter of being ready to just do something when the time is now. My mindset as of lately is I will see what will happen and then I will think about it. I don’t have to figure it out.

Gotta go!

Later Gator.

Your friend,


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3 thoughts on “Introverted Thinking

  1. love this read, I am Introverted as well. I need to take that test again because I can’t remember what I am. But I look inward for answers. It’s good but at times I overthink it and create bigger hold backs, and issues which prevent me from doing something. Thanks for sharing this Nino. Gets people thinking. I am going to go take that test right now.

  2. Not going to lie I’m a bit jealous of extrovert thinking. I really do unintentionally ignore the outside world unless it interests me. I have to stop and really be mindful of everything thing around me it’s nice. I see you having an introvert side and taking the time to think about things.

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