You Can Do More

We have a tendency to think that we do a lot or that what we do actually fills the day. Yesterday I spent it doing stuff and just putting out content. For some people, the content I put out was more than they put out all of last year. The problem isn’t that they don’t put out content (which is basically their lives) it is that they consume content as if they have nothing to contribute. Social media is best when you have friends there posting, sharing, and laughing together. It is worse when you are consumed by it and live through other people’s (famous people’s) lives. Or when you get sucked into the political drama or some stupid argument.

I have a lot of social media accounts as me. I have a Facebook fan page and a personal page. The personal page is for family and friends. It is where I post about family fun-times, down-times, and some drunken thoughts that I think are funny. Posting there is to keep connected with the few family members and friends who use it. Now, here is what I know. Your frequency of posting if it is regularly will give the consumer a feeling of connection with you. You don’t have to knock it out of the park with what you post. One post a day is actually enough. When I post personally my family and friends feel connected to me and my family. They also get to feel in sync with what is happening in real-time.

What I learned posting yesterday by increasing my posts was I can do more. I didn’t set aside anytime to create anything I did. I had a moment I sat down I made something and I could have made more. It wasn’t hard. The thing is I believe you can do more too. You can give your art a little bit more of a push into the world. You can let your voice be heard. You can share, create, document the ordinary and add to your experience of life. Here is the thing when you post you are not the only person posting online. You are adding a verity and spice to the daily mix of media consumption. By sharing we are giving ourselves another outlet to connect with others. Being human is about being in relationships. We find our tribe, we enjoy our time, we journey through life together.

Gotta Go.

Later Gator.

Your friend,


P.S. You can find me on damn near all social media sights feel free to connect with me there too.

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