Choose Yourself

We all have a choice on what we focus on. When we choose to focus on negative things we will live a life of worry. When we choose to live a life focused on the positive we see life with more faith.

Our minds have the extraordinary ability to interpret our reality and create opportunities or dead ends. We determine these opportunities or dead ends by our opinion of our ability.

We apply for jobs we think we can get. We express ourselves in selective places where we might get acceptance. We care about other people’s opinions about us and value them more than we do our own.

I think we do this for a few reasons.

We have no idea what opinions are really ours because we haven’t taken the time to think.

We have since childhood looked to the authority to get recognition and praise.

We compare ourselves to those around us and think more highly of others than we should. In effect putting ourselves down and not showing ourselves grace and giving room to grow.

We don’t realize everyone put in work and effort to get where they are because they first believed they could.

That last point is the main point.

You must choose yourself. You must choose yourself before the work begins. You have to say “Why not me?” You have to say “I want to do that.” and then put in the work. Choosing yourself isn’t about choosing who you will be, it isn’t choosing what talent you have, it isn’t choosing to be someone else, it is looking in the mirror with a positive attitude and believing in yourself. Choosing yourself is choosing to believe you can change and adapt to any situation.

Before I get you too puffed up. There are things you will suck shit at and hate, you might have thought you would love it but instead, it makes you miserable, you can choose to change your mind based on experience.

Don’t wait for someone else to pick you. Put in the work, see where it leads, look for opportunities, and have a great week!

Later Gator!

Your Friend,


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Just a misfit writer. Encouraging others to pursue their dreams and goals while chasing his own.

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