This is going to be quick.

There is no right way.

We must wing it, try something, and see if it works, if not try something else. We test our efforts and our outcomes. We judge if we like the process, we judge if we are getting traction or just spinning our wheels. Some actions take time to see results, others don’t.

But above all that, are we going to deliver? That is the question I am asking myself, as an artist and as a writer.

  • Am I putting in the right work?
  • Am I using the right focused time?
  • Does this just look like in fact does nothing?
  • Am I building the right audience?
  • Am I producing the right content?
  • What am I trying to give the world?
  • What do I want in exchange?
  • What value am I providing?
  • Where is my potential audience?
  • How can I help them find me?
  • Are my current actions in line with my goals?
  • Are my actions helping me or wasting my time?
  • Does it impact anyone if I change directions?
  • What kind of content should I be working on?
  • What frequency does it really require?
  • What does my brand promise mean to me?
  • What does my brand promise mean to my audience?

I have two major goals. They don’t conflict with each other, they just conflict with life’s current demands on my time. But narrowing those two major goals down creates enough room for me to change. It creates enough room for me to say I need to stop doing this, so I can do that.

That means I will be posting less here.

What that also means is I will be directing my post here on writing. Specifically, writing fiction. That is what I want to do with my days, that and create cool fantasy art. So, this side of me, will be about that, and the business of that. I don’t know when new posts will be up, I don’t know a lot. I am winging it. I don’t have a set road map, I just have a direction.

Gotta go.

Later Gator,

Your Friend,


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