Don’t Get Romantic About How Things Get Done.

There were handwritten notes. Now we text, send emails, snap, and DM to communicate with someone. We used to get newspapers delivered to our doorstep to get the news. Now we have TV, the internet, and mobile devices that we can get the news from. We are free from one form or way of getting and giving information.

There are people who miss the good old days. That is only because they understood it better. The good old days seemed simple. The problems seemed solved. But the truth is the good old days were whitewashed. They look good, but the truth is the mistakes, lack of opportunities, and poor decisions made back then created a lot of the problems we have now. We don’t have to look back and think about how easy things would have been. They are at their easiest now, we just don’t appreciate it.

Let’s not get romantic about how great things were. Let’s not hold on to yesterday and make life decisions based on what we knew to be true. Let’s not think that the world isn’t moving forward and hope our dream job is going to still exist when we get our shit together. What we have is right now to do the things we need to do. If we need to change directions, then we do it. If we need to dig instead of climb, we dig. If we need to run instead of walk, we run. We have no one telling us how to pursue our dreams, our road is getting made with every step we take.

Commit to making sure you do what is right for the time you live in. Commit to change if you feel it will help you navigate. We cannot see what is going to happen to far into the future, but we do know that something is always changing. And if we pay attention we can see what is coming.

There was a time when most families sat around a dinning room table to eat a home cooked meal. Shit changed and now a lot of families sit around the TV to eat a prepackaged or a delivered meal. There’s a lot of families that don’t even eat together. Not every change is for the best, but it is up to you to decide what change is right.

As I continue to pursue writing as a career, I am going to make changes throughout the blog. Some will work, some will fail, but I won’t know until I try. I know not everyone subscribed reads the blog daily. But I want to change that. I want to build a strong readership. That means building a solid email list and posting higher quality content, here and elsewhere. My goal right now is to build that readership and so I must change my tactics to get there. I can’t get stuck on what I am doing or what I thought would work. I will probably write more about that later. For now, the post is about change 😉

Anyway, got to go.

Have a great day.

Later Gator.

Your Friend,


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