They Skip The Boring Parts

We are surrounded by entertainment. Things meant to occupy our attention, distract us, and amuse us are not generally meant to challenge us to new heights.

We have the news that is going constantly, but it isn’t intended for us to act on, it is part of a machine that sells advertising and a subscription model. It is information that uses fear, that is presented in a way to shape opinions, and has lost integrity over time across all platforms for its bias presentation of certain facts.

We also have movies, TV shows, and a broad spectrum of video platforms to distract us with. These can present information that could help change our lives, but for the most part we are caught up in the entertainment and fun of watching, living through someone else’s camera.

We have a million different ways to ignore the world around us. We don’t have to grow, we don’t have to be challenged, and we don’t have to do anything about the information presented to us. Watching Shark Tank won’t start your business. Watching Rocky won’t make you into a boxer. Watching football won’t make you a football player.

The entertaining stuff skips the boring stuff. They gloss over it. They cut it out even in reality TV. They edit, they let a lot drop to the floor. The guy who is working on his body in the gym is doing boring repetitive work. The woman working on her business, is busy waiting on hold and send emails out trying to make sales. The artist at her canvas isn’t going out to party, she is spending hours in one spot working. The dancer practices the same movement over and over until it becomes natural, instinct. The boss sits at a desk analyzing reports, deals with problem employees, and troubleshoots all day.

Success is built on the boring parts. Entertainment skips the boring parts for its audience. But movies are made scene after scene, stories are written edit after edit, and goals are achieved the boring way through commitment to doing something, no matter how repetitive, or boring it gets.

Don’t commit and then realize it wasn’t as fun as you thought it was going to be then quit. Really commit, go after it, work through the boring, get zen about it and focus. Little by little, day by day, word by word, progress no matter how slow or little is still progress.

Later Gator.

Your Friend,


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