Indirect Goals

I have been reading Onliquity, It is a book about why our goals are best achieved indirectly.

In one section of the book the author John Kay explains why businesses that want to increase shareholder value hurts companies, and how the most profitable companies are concerned with creating the best product for their customer. The book is full of cool long way around approaches and how they interact better with real life.

The examples that come to my mind are people who want to lose weight, so the sign up for a race and prepare for that. They lose the weight because the race was a deadline, it was the focus not the weight. I also think of writers that blow up. Some just wanted to write a great story, they wanted to get this world they loved and created out into the real world. There are a lot of people doing things they love and finding success, not because they thought it would make them a ton of money, but because they loved it. I think of how much my own personal goals could benefit from thinking about them in a more indirect way.

So, try it for yourself, set an indirect goal that you know will affect some of the other goals you have.

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