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Over the last few weeks I have embraced an attitude of seriousness. As I reflect now on it. I don’t think it works for who I am. In fact, I think it hurt my ability to be myself and get things done.

There are people who thrive on clinch time. They like their backs against the wall. They dig deep and work harder. They have grit. It is the best way to get the wiring in their heads to comply with the goals and desires they want.

That doesn’t work for me. I can be serious, but that isn’t what I am. Life loses its beauty, it becomes a battlefield and everyone is a potential threat. When I am serious, I might as well as be depressed.

But in some soul searching last night. I realized my answer. I realized why life has felt so shitty. I realized in not embracing my way, but trying to take on others philosophy of life, I lost mine. It is like sowing the seeds in the wrong kind of soil. Everything looks shitty. But if you sow the right seeds, then you get the full growth, and abundant output. Something like that anyway. A negative thought might motivate someone to try harder and a positive thought might set them at ease. For me a positive thought gets me to play harder and a negative thought puts me in disease and a mental retreat.

What I have found is, it is good to take on thoughts and see if they fit. But don’t commit to them, they may ruin your life. We must cultivate not only what we think but make sure it actually serves us. Make sure it builds us. It does us no good, to think someone else’s thoughts if they are incompatible with our truth. If they are compatible, then they help push us ahead.

It is Friday. We are heading into the weekend. If you have the two days off, do yourself the favor. Think about who you are and what thoughts would help you enjoy today. If having your back against the wall serves you, use it. If having fun serves you, use it. If pushing yourself to new levels serves, you use it. Our words describe our reality, watch them, they may tell you all is lost, when in fact, the fun has just begun. Words are fuel for achievement, make sure it is the right kind of fuel for the person you are.

It is okay to change your mind. You don’t have to be committed to yesterday, but you do have to be committed to a better tomorrow.

Later Gator.

Your Friend,


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