Focus on The Imaginary

Sometimes life sucks. That’s it.

Not really, but life has a way of not only killing our expectations of what is going to happen. It also destroys hope while it is actually happening. And in those moments, there is nothing in our power, in our abilities, in our knowledge base that can help us change reality. We are stuck in real life and most of the time we are stressed out about it.

Stories save us from the pain of right now.

If you cannot handle the current reality, there is an escape. When we watch movies, read books, and even play video games we leave our story. We escape life for long enough to rest from our own problems. We distract our minds and for a moment, embrace the imaginary world of someone else. We live another life.

There is power in the imagination, not only to escape, but to create a better future. If we can read a book and see what is going on in an imaginary world, then we can play with our future in imaginary ways. We can imagine what our life would be like if we were doing what we loved. We can imagine what our life would be like if we went after our dreams. We can imagine a fairy tale about all the hardships being the true road to our success and that it is our hero’s journey to overcome all odds.

No matter what, we are going to tell ourselves a story about the current reality of our lives. We will either see misfortune or luck, we will judge it as if there is karma or God is messing with us. We will either be the victim or the victor, the story we tell ourselves doesn’t always reflect the truth of reality. It just shows us where our head is at.

If I were you and life feels like a shit show. I would focus on the imaginary, I would make sure the story you tell yourself is a good one, where God is for you, life is good, and bad things happen to help you. The imaginary mind can build a beautiful life or a pit of despair. What you see is what you get.

Later Gator.

Your Friend,


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