The Game Part Three

If the dream can wait, it’s not the goal.

Let’s turn life into a game for a moment. Let’s turn it into a big game. There are points to be scored and skills to be worked on. There are levels to be attained and accomplishments. Struggles and failures, victories and defeats, respect and dignity, we are all in our own game.

Now, some people have the dream to escape the game. They don’t want to struggle. They don’t want hardship. They don’t want the work that is involved in getting better. They want it cushy and they settle for whatever life will give them that is easy. Others embrace the demands of the game and try to slug their way through it.

Games, no matter how hard they get, can be turned into play. Games can be serious fun, life can be fun. Now, if we want it to be fun, if we want to play we have to make sure of a few things. First, we know what game we are playing, and second we know how to score.

There are three types of games the being, doing, and having.

There are games where we become, we work through uncomfortable situations and our very character is strengthened. We gain skills and abilities and can do things.

There are games where we do things. We build businesses. We fight fires or save lives. We create art or make music. We do things and level up the experiences. We write books, blog post, or take pictures. We build buildings and finish jobs.

There are games where we have things. We own things, we become collectors of things that bring us happiness, and create a little cove of all the things we like. Our little treasures and the search for them, the work to get them, the work we put into them are the game.

Each game has a different way to score. Each game has a different goal. Every goal accomplished get’s the player either to another level or closer to winning the game.

Change the Game

What we do to make a living, make a life, or get by, is our most time consuming game. We go to work and if we are not players in the field, we are concession stand attendants, just doing our jobs. Both of us serving spectators, we work at something we tolerate, while others get paid to play.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We are not stuck playing one game for the rest of our lives. We are not trapped in perpetual failure if we suck at the game we chose. We are not bound by a dream, that had no real goals to score. We can get paid to play too. We don’t have to work at something we just tolerate.


When Life get’s hard it asks you two questions, the first is what do you want, the second is how bad do you want it.

The first question directs your pain, your journey, and your ability to decide what game you are playing. The second is deciding your level of commitment and lets you know if your answer to the first is bullshit.

I have learned my answer to a lot of things I called dreams to be bullshit. I am human and you don’t know, what you don’t know until you know. But killing dreams that send you in the wrong direction, is like changing games. It is not the end of the world, nobody cares, and if they bring it up it isn’t to help you, so ignore them. To play the game of life, you have to be able to move, to think, to decide, to change your mind.


I just want to bring this home, this post is really written towards me. I have had a rough life. Most of it my own doing, most of it preventable, most of it was due to taking the easy way or focusing on dreams that weren’t really mine. But it is time for me to change games. It is time for me to play. I have identified with some dreams my whole life. When life asked me the two questions yesterday, those dreams didn’t matter; they were a nice to have, not a must have. Now I am looking at the world and looking for a game I really am going to play.

Later Gator,

Your Friend,


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