Life is Going to Happen

It was a busy weekend. So busy, I had to make it a three day weekend. I took Friday off of work. All of last week actually was a get it done kind of blur.

My oldest daughter was nominated for Homecoming Queen. She didn’t expect it, which is one of the reasons I took last Friday off. I had to escort her to the assembly in the morning and later that night at the football game.

That doesn’t sound like a lot to do, but it is.

My wife Brooke, had been running around all that week, learning to make boutonniere, because my daughters didn’t order theirs in time. On top of that she hemmed up the sleeves on my suit, turns out losing weight has an effect on suits. The boutonnieres and my suit turned out great.

Saturday was my 18th wedding anniversary, my son’s soccer game and Homecoming. It was another crazy day.

They do day-dates for their dances, so my two daughters were off. My in-laws took my kids to see the military plans. Brooke and I only had a couple of hours to hang out for our anniversary. Then the chaos of homecoming was to ensue. Brooke hand enough time to help the girls get ready. But when we got home, we noticed our neighbor parked in front of our house. They were having a wedding next door. It was unexpected. Had I known I would have mowed my lawn. Oh well, my poor dogs had to wait to go potty. But that also meant the boys couldn’t drive up to our house to pick up the girls. They parked towards the end of the block.

The girls looked beautiful. Everything turned out.

I left out a lot of details.

I wrote the last pm blog post, I got a little bit of water coloring in, and I got to spend a lot of time with Brooke. The pleasure of her company, is a treat enough for me. But, life happened. We didn’t have a choice when Homecoming was going to be. We didn’t put ourselves above our children. We did what we always do and put our kids first and got shit done.

Sunday was a wind down. Brooke started training her replacement, so for a few hours they occupied our table, making orders. I on the other hand, wasted the day and loved every minute of it. I watched the Boys. And made vain attempts at goal setting.

So, here we are on a Monday.

Goals or no goals, life is going on. To be honest, my fitness goals, and my writing goals are just fine. They are built on habit. I do them daily. But it is the big get out of your comfort zone goals that I need to work on. Those are just as important as the habits and those are the ones, I seem to be too flexible on. So I got work to do there.

Anyway. I gotta go.

We will see how this new personal blog style works out.

Later Gator.

Your friend,


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