Use Words

Most people don’t think about their vocabulary and how it reflects what they think. Most people don’t know that having a limited vocabulary limits their ability to think. Most people don’t intentionally learn new words. Most people don’t realize slang is an expansion of their vocabulary.

Most people.

We are not most people.

So, we don’t have to follow suit. We can be intentional, not only about the words we learn, but how we deploy them to better deal with life.

Expanding our vocabulary intentionally is a great practice. You can do it randomly and learn a new word every day just by going through the dictionary. You could pick a book on building your vocabulary. You could get a book with a glossary of words in the back and study it. If done right, it focuses your thoughts and expands them at the same time.

Using your words is a different story, and the one I really want to talk about for the rest of this post.

Your words matter!

What you say to yourself and others interprets the world around you. If you see a stray dog and you say “oh, a puppy.” you disarm the danger that a stray dog presents. If you walk into a meeting and feel a little afraid, you can either say to yourself “this is scary,” or “this is exciting.” The feeling would remain the same, the reaction will be totally different, and how you proceed will be too. You could post a picture of yourself online and say “I know I am a total dork.” which seems humble at first, but it’s not, you are the first person to put you down and probably the only one. It’s way better to put “feeling cute” and be honest, you just wanted to show off a little.

When fear creeps in we devalue what we do, or escalate the danger. It is a pity. We could all be so much more Badass. We could all look at life with more optimism and reinterpret the negative situation as a question of “how bad do you want to win?” Then all we have to do is answer back with action.

Watch what you say over time. If the story you are telling yourself doesn’t help you change it. Refuse to be negative, refuse to put yourself down, refuse to use words that are self defeating, or make the situation worse. This isn’t about blind optimism, it is about building mental strength and will power to push through anything because you are a Badass and don’t give two shits about what anyone thinks of you! You are going after your dreams and refuse to be put down.

Okay, for those of you who are superstitious, today is the day. It is Friday the 13th, oooooo, and a full moon! If you go about your day blaming the day, and thinking about the bad that is coming for you, well you will find it. Don’t be a superstitious shit. Live your life own the day and enjoy every moment, even the shitty ones.

I gotta go,

Later Gator.

Your Friend,


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