This Week

This week, what a disappointment. So many good thoughts about what I wanted to get done. Life happens and those good thoughts, well, they remain in the back of my head as things I need to make time for. There is a mixture of bad habits, lack of real intention, and a bit of winging it that kept this week from succeeding.

I know I am not the only one who has weeks like these, the problem is people like me are more like goldfish swimming in a bowl, forgetting that we did the same thing last week. The same excuses add up to nothing. Weeks and days merge into months and years, but we are so caught up in handling what is going on right now we miss the opportunities we could have made.

The solution is simple, plan your day. If you can get one or two things done every day, that adds up to a major accomplishment.

What small thing done by you daily would add up to something amazing?

It is the smallest things that we have a trouble making time for, and it is those small things that will push us to be better than we are.

I am pretty sure I will use today, to get my shit together and break some bad habits.