Aim, Fire, Ready

There are several books and people who talk about aim, fire, ready being the way to go after a goal instead of ready, fire, aim. I am going to do the same because I need the reminder.

Starting with aim instead of ready. When we start with ready, we can stay in that mode forever. There is always something we can do to get ready, and we can stay there indefinitely because things change. We might have thought we were ready, but the situation we spent time preparing for has passed. So, we have to start over at getting ready. That makes why we need to start with aim simple, you have to have a target. You have to know what you are going for, even if the target is vague, you can still take the shot. You don’t need to be ready.

Fire; when we know what the target is most of us want to run to ready. We want to make sure we won’t make a mistake. We would rather prepare trying not to lose the opportunity, only to lose it to time. That is why we must fire as soon as we know what we are going for. Once we take the shot we can see where we are. We will know what we are missing, and what to prepare for.

And now we can get ready.

Only in the light of reality is it best to prepare. If we prepare for assumptions, we are preparing for the worst. In doing so, we might be wasting time, the most valuable thing we have. If we fired at what we aimed at, and we missed we know what we need to fix. We can quickly revamp our approach and take another shot. We get ready, knowing what we need. Ready isn’t taking aim at a new target, it is getting ready for the target you missed. It is taking advantage of losing. And if you happen to hit it the first time, then be glad you didn’t waste time getting ready.

I have heard of fire, aim, ready, but I think knowing what you are aiming at matters.