Be More

There is an old saying that you cannot chase two rabbits. It is a good one, right. But in the creative life you can go after more than one rabbit. You can be a singer and watercolorist. You can be a writer and illustrator. You can play an instrument and write a serious novel. You can be an actor and a playwright. You can direct and act. You can be more and when you do, you will grow in both, in unpredictable ways.

If we want to catch both rabbits we have to be smart about how we do it. We will have to be patient to excel at two or more creative fields. We must plan our days, set proper goals, and put in the work. We must be careful not to neglect the one or we will lose it. And to that point we must know when to give up one rabbit.

End Note: Most creatives are chasing two rabbits anyway, we are trying to survive by working a day job and at night pursuing our dreams.