Sometimes the thing that blocks us from creating is originality. We get caught thinking that we have to do something completely new. Only to find that nothing is new, but a mixture of two things. Art is generally made up of two or more sources of inspiration. It has no need to be original.

Stories are in general the same despite the genre. Still life, portraits, landscape paintings no matter what medium are not based on being original but painting what you see. Art doesn’t need originality, it needs hybrids, it needs your thoughts, your insights, and what inspires you mixed with any medium that will convey what you think is cool.

The fun thing about art is the how you do it is open. You don’t need someone telling you how to mix what you want to make, but you can’t stop with the first one thinking that you have accomplished your goal. Because the next time it will be different. You will have changed.

End Note: Don’t chase originality, chase passion, chase curiosity, chase personal expression, but being original doesn’t mean much if that is what you are trying to go for. Being original generally happens because you were focused on something else.