Know What You Want

Sometimes we say we want more money, but what we really want is to have security. We say we want money instead; travel, homes, cars, things, food; it is like the word love. We say we love something, but we really like it. That is the way we use money, it is a catch all to freedom. We really want to be free to do the things we like. It is also a pain in the ass because it confuses our intentions. We say we want money and it sends us in the wrong direction.

A big empty home isn’t more valuable than a small cozy apartment. Each has its purpose and to the occupant its value. The benefit of a small apartment is you have neighbors, the down fall to having a big empty house is you can feel the solitude. For one person the value of a neighbor is higher than that of unlived in space. One person might pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to occupy the same amount of space as the one who lives in the cozy little apartment. But they had chased the illusion that success, or security came from owning the big house. They thought they wanted the big house, but what they really wanted was to travel. They got stuck being a slave to their mortgage and became stuck at home. When what they really needed was a little home base to stay at before they were off on another adventure.

Knowing what you want is the most important part of any endeavor. Let’s say you want to go to college to get a good job. What you actually did was put the how before the what. The good job might not require college. The college you take might put you into more debt than the good job provides. The good job might not be your dream job, it might not even be something you are good at, but went to school for thinking it will make you a lot of money. And you wind up committed to your own personal misery.

So, take the time to say ‘what do I want?’ and then answer it. If the answer leads to something else, then you haven’t arrived at the answer yet; you must get to an end result. For instance, I want one million dollars sitting in the bank because that makes me secure. Or I want to write this novel; not publish, not so I can make a million dollars, not so I can be famous, just because I want to write it. Or to enjoy a cup of coffee for the pure pleasure of it. Once we get to the end of our desire, we can then determine how to get it.