Take Notes

I have a couple of notebooks, they are full of quotes and ideas from books, random sources, and my interpretation of them. They have almost no source references, I do that so I don’t get stuck thinking about where they came from, but try to think about them in a new context. Removing the idea from its context can be dangerous and lead to poor outcomes, but it can also lead to innovative new ways of doing and seeing things. I am pretty safe because it is only for personal use.

Some of the things I have written down, seemed important, but it wasn’t until now that it is actually useful. Some of the things written down have become a part of how I think. Rewriting thoughts for your own use is helpful when you are feeling low creatively or confidently. Especially if you write them down when you are feeling optimistic about life. You go back and get a taste of a new idea that hasn’t found its time yet. I am currently going through one of my notebooks and it is like reading six books at one time. I keep flipping through it and it seems that it was written so I could read it today.

So get a notebook and spend time researching this weekend. It is actually fun if you love your subject.