So, Is It Over

Most people by this time have given up on their New Year’s resolutions. They didn’t make it past January, I am assuming something went wrong in the third week. It’s okay. It’s okay to feel like we failed. It is okay, to suck, it is okay to have pushed yourself so hard you needed a break, and then not want to continue. Because it sucked.

Here is the best part about today, it’s Febuary 1st! Round two! You made it three weeks on those goals, well, get back to it. Hit the reset button and this time last longer change it up, make the resolution doable.

You don’t have to quit on your goals because you messed up. Analyze why you failed to keep with it and fix it. Try a new approach, your life isn’t over. And in the end those goals are seated deep in your mind, so go out there and try again, do it better, and if you fail, it isn’t over. Okay, let’s go over failing, and what it is and why we haven’t failed, but have floundered; and maybe failed.

For something to actually fail you need one of two things to happen.

The first is a time bound, no going back, window of completion or else it will never happen; kind of failure.

An example of the first is an actress trying to get a specific part in a specific movie.

Most resolutions do not fit the first criteria. The resolution is set by us and is usually something we want to be or do. The second way to fail is by quitting and never trying again.

An example of the second is training for a marathon, giving up half way through and never trying again.

Let’s wrap this post up.

Reset your goals, if those goals sucked set new ones, and then cut them in half. Done is better than started. Be firm in your goal and flexible in your how. If you fail to become a bodybuilder, yogi, entrepreneur, runner, millionaire, artist, writer, or whatever it’s only because you quit. And if you quit because those weren’t your truest ambitions, good for you, if you quit because it seemed impossible, well you’re still breathing, you might as well as try again.