Not Everything is a Stepping Stone

I watched a B-movie made in 1982 last night. They make me laugh and believe that anything is possible, but is it worth it? It was the same generic storyline that most of them had. A prophecy or something where a newborn must be sacrificed, but evil is thwarted. The children grow and as adults the bad guy still wants to kill them. The village that took them in gets attacked, raped and killed. That becomes their catalyst, so, they go out to kill the bad guy. On the way they gather friends and a romance blossoms. Somehow the friends get separated and the bad guy gets the upper hand. Something amazing happens and in the end they prevail. Besides poorly written storylines and bad acting, you are guaranteed to see half naked young women.

What I thought about most was ‘where are they now?’ Where are these beautiful actresses and actors? Do they still try and act? Did they have to restart on a new career path? Do they wait tables or teach drama? Did they love to act or was it just a shot at glory? Was it worth the money, did they do it for the money? What if I met one of them today?

Then there are the movie makers. The guys who wrote the script, the guys who, well, did all the rewrites, the director, and the producers all who thought, “You know what? The story is crap, the budget sucks, but if we could get some hot young woman to show her boobs this thing would sell!” As if the whole movie would make it based on boobs. The background, the costumes, even the FX were okay, for it’s time. I am sure the movie makers went on to make more B-rated movies. I am sure they are still getting checks in the mail from Netflix, Amazon, and whoever else distributes their movie.

But what brought me to this post is the actors with an artistic soul. The ones who truly loved to act. The ones who put their hope in the film as a credit. The ones who didn’t make it as actors. Life moves on and sometimes we have to too. I believe that life is a journey; if we choose to accept it as a journey, then we must be fluid, willing to change. There is the other choice, play it safe. Try to maintain life, try to make it safely to the grave.

We all do things in our own lives to either survive or pursue something more. Some of us try to get by, some of us seek our opportunity, as we crisscross time and space we have a starring role in our own journey. We learn that some storylines cross with ours and others merge. Some of us get infatuated with other people’s roles and pursue them. Our story changes from survival, to connecting with our true self, we take missteps and fail. Success in one life is not the same for all lives. What one person considers success could be another’s biggest failure.

Some stories end in tragedy because the hero refuses to change.

We all have enough light to take the next step, but we don’t all have the courage. The light we have, we might point it in the wrong direction. We go for things we think will make us happy, But what we don’t know is sometimes the thing we want most isn’t what we actually need, and getting it is a false victory.

I am sure the actresses had fun making these movies, but I can’t help thinking, maybe they were exploited because they had a dream to be a famous actress. For that dream they were willing to show their boobs if it would lead to a bigger role. If you think that is bad, what is worse is our whole economic system is built on people who are just trying to get by and will sell years of their lives. What do they get in exchange? They get to scrape the bottom, never pursuing their dream because at the end of the day they are used up, and when, after years they find they have given the best they got just to get by.

You could be a lawyer and dream of being a writer. You could be a businessman and dream of painting on the docks in a little port town. You could have been on a journey to find your purpose and got stuck working in a bakery, living paycheck to paycheck, and stuck in your routine. You might have thought if I do this then I can do that. But the truth is a pursuit only happens when you pursue it with focus. If we don’t the dream is something you have an interest in. I would gladly take the B-rated movie option and pursue my dream, over a B-rated life that keeps me safe.

The work, the journey you are on is a choice. We don’t know what is going to come at us and we don’t know what will bring us closer to success. Each person must live their life. And Life, LIFE is improv, the moment you say no, the game is over; but the more you can say ‘yes, and’ the more you can play.

End note: Sorry if there are any muddled ideas, content errors, or grammar errors I did not have time to go back and edit. I will later today. Thanks for your understanding. Have an amazing day!

Editor’s note: That’s right, I went back and edited it. I am sure all the readers that will read it, have read it, but it needed it and I think the post is all the better for it.